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Fixed Dimensions

Images with fixed dimensions
  1. School Lockers at Chantry

    Chantry Primary School, an outstanding Primary School that has just attained Academy status needed lockers throughout the building. The school is internally designed into a variety of themed sections and the so the lockers has to reflect each design concept. The obvious answer was to use lockers that had laminate doors to give a wide range of colour choice; however budgets were tight so we decided to work with all metal lockers and be very creative with the colour range available.

    Due to the ages of the children, the 3 tier lockers were built to a special size of 1371mm whilst the two tier were built to height of 945mm. Each locker was 300mm wide and 300mm deep. It was decided to use a padlock hasp which is easy for little fingers to turn and as security was a low priority no padlocks were used.

    The first area was Seaside Parade, so we used layers of door colours represented the sand, the sea and the sky. The next area, Destination Drive, had a geographical theme, so we used greens for a jungle theme and multi colours to represent the world flags. An Italian flag was designed with green, white and red tiers of colours to construct the Italian flag, whilst the USA was represented with reds and blue.

    The last section, Olympic Avenue was kept strong and clean using black and white lockers. This was the most design led metal locker installation that we have done to date and has kept the thematic ideas of the school, whilst giving the pupils a bright and effective storage solution.

  2. roseberry school

    Roseberry School

    An installation using EL5 island benches and EL7A cantilever wall fixed benches.
    The client wanted beech slats along the walls and aluminium slats on the island units

  3. ec harris hq

    EC Harris HQ

  4. jf kennedy school

    JFK School Hemel Hempstead

    Installation using VZ7a cantilever benches and VZ1 island benches

  5. herschal grammar school